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Fencing, Fencing, and more Fencing! by Ashley

If you have ever had the privilege of being on a farm then you know the bear that is fencing. If you haven't had the privilege, then consider yourself blessed. HAHA! When Aaron and Dad decided to try this new venture, they knew that fencing off property for the rotational grazing process would be a huge undertaking. Aaron completed the research and found some tips to make the task easier. With the use of an electric poly fence, the cattle can be contained to a smaller area and moved each day to a new pasture area to graze. The initial fencing became a group effort as there was an extensive area, about 1500 acres, to fence off for the rotational grazing. Adam pitched in when he could and Dustin, the kids and myself helped out on a few Saturdays to complete the project. We didn't always have the best weather but the views were still pretty and we learned a lot from Aaron. The kids got to help layout the posts while the adults stretched the wire and set up the main posts for each area. I was given the task to put up one of the electric gates into one of the fields. I think it's safe to say I did a decent job! At least, no one has complained about it not working. (Wink.)

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1 Comment

Sue Nichols
Sue Nichols
May 25, 2022

Amazing work you all have completed! May you have increased success and blessings in this endeavor Hugs!

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