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New 2022 Updates!

Wow! What a year it has been for us here at the Pure Farm Project! Our business and our

family has grown so much since opening last spring. Two new babies were born last year and we also added pork and chicken to our farm!

While we anticipated a positive outcome from our new venture, we have been blown away by the support from our loyal customers and the demand for our products. In fact, there has been so much demand, we have had a hard time keeping everything in stock. With a lack of USDA processing facilities in our area, we had to overcome obstacles in finding openings for processing our beef. We have several dates scheduled for the next several months and we hope to keep our inventory levels up, to fill all of your requests.

In other news, we will be processing chicken on Saturday, May 28th and require all hands on deck for this process. Unfortunately, this does mean we will not be available to set up at the Alleghany Farmer's Market this weekend. We will however, return to the Market on June 4 with Riverbend Pastured Poultry in stock along with our beef and pork products.

You may also see some changes on our Products page. In order to keep track of our inventory levels more efficiently, only the packages and bulk beef orders are posted on our Shop page. If you would like to place a custom order, please email us with those requests so we can be sure we have the inventory needed to fulfill your order.

Come see us and chat every Saturday beginning June 4th at the Alleghany Farmer's Market from 9am-1pm. We hope to see you all soon!


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